Valley Packaging & Supply L.L.P. (VPS) is a company focused in searching of the right packaging for your product, we can develop the best protection, keeping in mind your goals (low costs, safety, presentation, etc.)

Everybody knows in this years, that low costs it is so important, but always we got to be carefully with the presentation of the product.

We need to have an efficient packaging, that allow us do not have high damage transportation costs.

VPS has many kinds of packaging materials

Producto valley pack

About us.

Valley Packaging is in continues evolution and research for offering the best on packaging solutions. We realize the requirements of global market that is why we always are trying to develop and find out the best packaging option to your necessities according to chain quality-cost effective-competitive.


Polyethylene foam

Bubble wrap

Inflatable packaging

InstapakĀ® Foam Packaging

KorrvuĀ® Packaging

Corrugated plastic

Plastic bags


Stretch Wrappers (SIAT, Wulftec brands)

Polystyrene foam

Urethane foam

Hexacaomb panels and pallet

Packaging Tools

Pulp molded carton

Corner boards

Carton boxes


Stretch film

Strapping band

Plastic Totes or containers